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happy birthday to me...
so its my birthday today. only a few friends called me. that hurt a little. john told me to fuck off (dont think im going to be talking to him anymore...)im moving to vacaville tomorrow. got into a fight that i think ended a friendship. now its time to get really fucking faded at pauls house...night.

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I should have called you, I'm sorry. I knew it was your birthday at like 2 am but I guess I forgot during my sleep?! You're moving to Vacaville with your mommy? I'm sorry you had a crappy birthday. Birthdays are almost always disappointing.


Alicia I don't smell bad anymore!

i'm such a dork! i totally knew your birthday was the 10th, but i forgot when it got close. you know i love you baby!!

- h a p p y - l a t e - b i r t h d a y -

i - h e a r t - y o u ! !

(Deleted comment)
i'm gonna prank call you now.

and when i don't have my phone i'll know your number now. score.

you should anyway. its on the demo cds. AND OH AND AND AND...its 1800thecoolest

i deleted it. but the email will still be in your inbox, so you should still have my number.

i'm so so happy that my cuzzy lives near me!! we need to talk actually cause i've heard there was drama this weekend. and we just need to hang out anyways. do you even go on the computer any more?

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